Friday, March 23, 2012

Well I was crafty a few weeks back and made this card for my stash. I have learned that each time that I am "off" from scrapbooking or card making it takes alot to make something when I try to make something. So my card isn't the best card very but it is cute enough to be in my stash to give to one of my co-workers who are leaving.

And speaking of leaving...I got another job offer. And I am so super excited!

I got the position that allows me to get more experience in being a manager, lets me use both my accounting and medical coding and billing experience/degree. I am so excited because it also is only 30 mins (non-freeway) driving. So I am no longer driving an hour and 15 mins one way! Can you say extra $$ saved!! I have been so super excited about that fact that I don't even know whatever else was said to me at the interview.

Well there are so many things that I am hoping to share with you all this week but there are so many things that aren't even pictured so I am not going to be able to share photos of them.

I haven't been able to get much done with my wrist hurting so bad. But one of the things that have gotten started is one of the kids bathrooms have been painted yellow. I love the color or should I say it has started to grow on me. At first when I saw it on the walls I thought of mustard but now it seems perfect for the wall pictures that I got from Frys. I know the grocery store isn't normally the place to go to get wall art but these were so cute that I just had to get them. So I am hoping that I will get some photos of that soon.

Well I don't have any photos of my master bedroom changes but I have decided that the bed that I am planning on getting is the one that I really do want! And the hubby loves the bed too. But of course there still isn't one in stock, and it is driving me nuts but I will be ok.

I have since changed the girls' bedroom completely too. They no longer have the picket fence frames that they had before (because my youngest daughter's bed was broken) but now we have some IKEA beds for them. I don't love them but they look good in the room and it makes it more uniform. I love the bedding that I found at Kohls. I got them on an unbelievable low deal. They were $99 each, but there was a sale or 1/2 off and then I had some coupons/vouchers and ended up sending $69.00 for both sets! And because Valentines day was over I found and an awesome owl/butterfly wall art piece to hang on there bedroom door.

I am still working on the color for their room. I would do turquoise and also the picture looks very blue-ish/ turquoise, there is a lot of green in their bedding. I am trying to find the right shade of green maybe a lime or something. But none of the ones that I love work well once they are in the room on the wall.

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