Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas tags, gift card holders

I have been making labels and tags for our family's Christmas gifts for years. But this year when I went to grab some to put on our presents and we didn't have any? Really? I think that the girls actually got into them and used them as stickers. But its not a big deal, and it gave me a chance to play a little with some new ideas. I couldn't play that much because I needed to whip up 32 tags the night before Christmas to put on the gifts that needed to be under the tree. So I made some fun ones and wrote down some ideas of others that I wanted to try a little later.

And of course I didn't take a photo of the ones that I made. In my defense, it was Christmas eve, I had some people coming over for dinner the next day and we were planning to be out walking the loop of lights in our neighborhood so I really needed to be getting the food prepared and the house cleaned.

I've always made little labels (pretty much the same size as an Avery address label) but I decided that I didn't want to do that anymore.  I also decided that I am going to need something to store them in as well. I still haven't figured that but they need to be able to stay neat until the next Christmas.

Here is one of the three that I did today. I really like them. I wish I had maybe printed the To/From on the computer but I do love that they look nice and neat.

 I do plan on using diecuts on some that I will stamp a polar bear on and some diecuts of snowflakes.  I also am planning on making some giftcard holders. I don't currently have a die or anything for them (which I know that I could convert 2 dies that I have into something simular) but I decided to make a tag that I made 2 yrs ago into a giftcard holder instead of tossing it. It actually turned out pretty cute I would say.


I really didn't like putting giftcards into premade little boxes from Walmart or Target (not sure which one I got them from) but now that I think of it, I know that I have access to one or two designs with a LD set of svgs that I bought a year or two ago. Oh well. But I am going to save this one for next year, most likely for someone at church or work.

I also ran them through my Xyron 250(??) so that they would already be sticky and then I just stapled them all together.  The other labels are too big to use that Xyron. But I am glad to say that I plan on getting my other two way before Christmas next year so I will be able to use those for the bigger labels. But until next time. Smiles, Tracy

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