Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years!!

I enjoyed our family's New years celebration this year. It was spent at home with our immediate family, snacking and listing to music. I also got to sneak off with the girls and we went to the office to craft a little. Well they came to paint and I came to work on my planner. And I accomplished a lot of more that I had planned on doing tonight/this morning.

So this is what I have completed so far, there isn't much done. But the cover is finished.

all the photos of each family member is added to their birthday month/actual day of their birthday.
And here are a couple inside pages as well. Not a lot going on, because if you can't tell from my scrapbooking style I'm a less is more kinda girl. But I do like cute stickers (on my planner only lol) and while working on this planner I'm realizing just what I'm going to change next year...well that is if I still love this style planner in December??

And of course I started my wishlist and supplies that I need to order for 2014. It wouldn't be my planner if it didn't have that section in it lol.

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