Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chalkboard paint and finally a look into that office supply drawer...

I have been saying that I wanted to paint my pantry doors since forever with chalkboard paint and I even bought the paint about 4 months ago. And it sat in the garage for the whole time. And I although paint isn't something that I'm afraid of trying, this project intimidated me a little mentally because I didn't want it to look bad. Or make my kitchen look less than what I wanted it to look like long term. I want to do some major changes to the space, but those plans are long term. And although the idea of the chalkboard walls/doors seems practical for our family, I just wanted it to feel classy or something. I can't really explain it, but I wanted it to be pinterest quality I guess. Well finally I decided to do it last week. And I absolutely need to do some touch ups to the paint job because I didn't follow directions and let it cure for a week (so the chalk pens I used originally on it have left a permanent staining) but here is a photo of it all painted and decorated for my seven year old's birthday.

Can I say that this is the second best small thing I have done to this builder grade spec home to make it feel more like my own. I have had a chalkboard/message board in our homes in the past and it finally is starting to feel like this is something that is truly my style. Ok the office is the first thing but I should say the first thing in the kitchen. Those walls are still builder beige, which is another project that I have planned on working on before 2014 is over. Hopefully I'll have the space completed by then.

I mentioned before in other posts about the top drawer of my desk being only office supplies. And honestly I had no intention on showing that drawer to anyone, but while on twopeas the topic was brought up and I thought why not show it. It isn't messy, there isn't anything wrong with a person having 20 packs of post it notes open in all shapes and sizes Right? LOL well if you use them in planners and on school binders and all things organizational, then yes it is absolutely perfect. So here is a photo of the drawer.

 I have to say that most of the items were purchased during school supply sales. Or at the 99cents only store while I was on my lunch break. That place is great to walk while trying to deal with stress at work. Well only if you spend less then $5 that is. And I didn't buy lunch each day (because I packed my lunch) but I would go and get a tea and check out the office supplies. And I could say that these are all the stash that I have but that would be a lie. There is still a front pantry closet of school supplies for the kids and then I have a small stash in my cabinet above my desk. I honestly have run out of post it notes so I try to stock up when I see them on sale or really cheap. I have to say that it doesn't take much for me to follow the organizer/planner/Filofax obsession since I already was a office/school supply/scrapbooking one.  And honestly it is kind of nice to know that there others out there that are just as nerdy and silly about paper, planners, and post-it notes as I am. I can remember buying my school supplies for high school with my Target paycheck and how I loved the fact that I got all that I needed, what my brothers and sisters needed and still had enough money and supplies left to donate some supplies to my best friend (as well as have over half my paycheck left). I love supplies but I especially love good deals! Well until next time. Smiles, Tracy

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