Friday, January 24, 2014

Planner update...

I promise that all my future posts won't be about my planner. Well not all of them. But I wanted to come and give some feed back for anyone that may be considering an ARC planner.

I still like the planner. Although I'm wondering about the wear on the covers. I have had my planner for a little over a month and a half and plastic cover is rounded now. And that is ok. But it is something that I think about when I look at my planner. I am not in love with the paper quality of the monthly calendar/weekly pages. They don't fall out but I feel that I must washi tape the edges because they aren't that strong feeling. Although not one page has ever fallen out.

I also have decided that whatever planner I get in the future must have 2 page per week and also notes too. I'm finding that I need more writing space (as I thought I would)and the only way to solve that issue is add a note page.

So I went to the thrift store recently and while in there just looking, I saw that there are several Franklin Covey planners there that look nice. They are all black, but still in really good shape. Two of them were $2.99 and another was $4.99. I decided to wait until I check a couple other stores because I would like a larger sized one if I'm going to use these again? I'm still debating because the rings bother me, but the more I use this planner, I realized that I still have the same issue with these rings. So really unless I'm going spiral bound for 2015, a ring is a ring is a ring. I have been doing a little more with the planner lately. I have started to stamp on pages now. And it is fun. I got to pull out stamps that I didn't even remember buying (there was a time while working fulltime that I was stressed so I'd go to M's for my lunch break). I also realized that if I purchased a planner it doesn't have to have lines because I have a ton of journaling line stamps. It is nice to actually use my supplies again even if it isn't for scrapbooking. Here is a photo.

Oh and the heart shaped small post it notes are diecut using my spellbinders dies. I was thinking about purchasing some heart shaped post it notes but most of the time the shape is off or is too big and this size is perfect. The actual lined paper is from the thrift store I got a pack of Franklin Covey and Daytimer lined notepaper for 25cents each. And I cut them down to fit into my planner. It is very thin, but that's ok for now.

I hoped to have completed my wall of Valentine's Day d├ęcor but since I am now preparing for my daughter's birthday I'm going to finish working on it after next weekend. Well I hope that everyone is having fun making crafty things no matter what the craft is. Smiles, Tracy

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