Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love at first sight...

Since it is February, the month of love, I decided that it was time to tell you that I got a new planner. Well I haven't changed anything over or gotten rid of my ARC yet. And I had no plans of doing that until recently. But while roaming the thrift store and finding absolutely nothing that I came for, I was about to leave out of the store without anything. And then I thought well go look at backpacks because;I need a nice tote to use when we go to the lake again. Well to my surprise all the planners were in that area. And I almost screamed when I saw this Franklin Covey classic sitting in the bin... She and I feel in love immediately.

She is beautiful although the strap is missing. I think that I could create a new binding. Or completely take off the ring altogether. But for $2, I wasn't going to pass it up. It truly was love at first sight.

I know that I was excited about my ARC planner but honestly I haven't bonded with it. And I have been using it since early December 2013.There is one thing about it that I haven't liked for day one. And honestly I haven't mentioned it because I wanted to see if it got better, and then I wanted to get bigger rings but then I thought that I didn't want to spend anymore money on accessories when I really didn't like other things about it too.

I use my planner everyday several times a day and the fact that when I lay it flat and then try to close it, it's hard to close. I have never experienced this with any other planner so I know that it isn't because it's stuffed. Something is off. I don't know what and I have made many books and used several types of binding options but this one has some issues. The pages never come out or at least they haven't for me, but I can't stand that when I attempt to close it or turn to another section it's hard to do. But I have been trying to deal with it until I figure out what the issue is but why should I just deal with it for the rest of the year? But I bought the punch...well I guess that Staples store credit will be nice for purchasing planner pages. And if I decide to get rid of the planner, my youngest son has already said that he wanted it. So it won't go to waste. I just have to figure out if I want to keep trying to make it work or just move on. And so I decided that I should just move on at this point. I have been working on her cover page and deciding on scrapbooking pagers for her binders. I really can't believe that she was so inexpensive since she really is in great condition. And here she is again with some of the supplies I found in the sections that I will be keeping.

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