Monday, February 16, 2009

I am having so much fun...and can't wait to start!

I have been on the look out for items for dd's room redecorating project. The fact is she hasn't been in her room at all really and I am so ready for that to change. I haven't done anything to the room since we moved into our house yrs ago and I have decided that now is the time to get it going. So the theme for her room is a spring flower garden in full bloom...or that is what I see in my head.

I have tons of craft ideas to make one of which I am going to be covering chipboard with canvas and making a felt rainbow that is sewn together. I unfortunately can't sew with a machine, but I am going to have to had sew that one. Or take a class...I haven't used a sewing machine since I was in jr high and it is sad because my Grandma used to be a seamstress! And I wish now I would have learned much more about machine sewing (instead of hand stitching ) but she wouldn't let us use her many great machines. I just wish she were here though because she would love some of the ideas that I have. And she is awesome at making curtains (with assistance).

So I have done tons of searching and found a bed that I like for dd. It's actually from Ikea. Its a grow as you grow bed. It has white metal floral/swirl something or another. And at $149 it's affordable. The only thing is I am not completely sold on the sheer above the bed. I like it but it really isn't in the color theme I am going for so maybe I can come up with something else...I was thinking of actually getting the leave one in pic #2 and then altering it by adding felt flowers to it. I love that idea a lot. I would also most likely add buttons to the centers of the flowers. I just know that it will take a little bit of patience but I think this room is going to be the beginning of my entire redecorating process. I just have to choose a wall color that really works in the room especially since there is only one small window in the room.

But now I looking for a really cute nightstand (something that I could distress or paint would be great) and a small rug to match a comforter set I like. But if I can't find something soon I will focus on creating the wall art which includes dd's hand prints on white cardstock spread out like a flower. And the decorating of her wall name letters. I am hoping to have this all done by my 7th month...I have a little over a month so I gotta get it going! And then I will be working on the boys' room and remodeling the bathroom and hallway upstairs (to include a small love seat,bookshelf with all their books and maybe a tv with dvd). Well off to get more ideas and do more research! Oh if anyone knows point me in the direction to get some small (tiny) watering cans to decorate her wall shelf with to add some puffy felt flowers.

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