Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More decorating...and now I should be sleeping!

I have been up working like a nut for the last 3 hrs on a 5x7 wall art piece for LeiLani's room. You truly would think that I was doing something really hard to do, but it wasn't hard. I just couldn't decide on what I wanted the art work's theme to be. Originally it was going to be a rainbow so that I could get a range of colors added but then I didn't have the buttons all in the same size for the project so I found small frame that I hadn't used since working outside of our home in my little medical billing job. Oh sometimes I miss having an office to close the door and work in outside of the house. But then again I am glad to be home and able to get up at 3 am to do craft projects.

But that's the finished project...well for now that is. I have been debating putting a heart on the tree or using a rub-on on the white frame and there was supposed to be a quote but this frame was so small and unfortunately is was the only one that I could sand and paint white out of my old frames. It's always good to recycle items and that is what I was hoping to do. I even thought that I had white spray paint to spray a couple of really long frames but I realized that it was primer and that I better wait to get a nice glossy white spray paint.

Oh and I had to share a picture of the birdhouses that we found. I got one for 1.00 and one for $2.50 and I am now on the look out for some really cute wood furniture for her bedroom (table and chairs, and small bookshelf). I have decided to not do plastic for her room because I didn't like it in the boys' room. Shoot hubby's alarm just went off...gotta go make some quick breakfast and get ready for my day.

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  1. Love the art you made and those birdhouses are so adorable!!