Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just a few items for sale...nothing handcrafted but still great deals..

Well someone on 2peas informed the message boards members about great deals at Joann Fabrics. But the stamps that we were informed that were 97 cents really weren't here. And although I didn't find this out until I left the store, I decided that I would still list them on ebay. So if you are looking for some of those monthly stamps (specifically Jan, May and June) then check out ebay. I am listing them on there tonight. I am not looking for a profit but I don't feel like driving back to the store to return them. Especially since it is so far away. But I figured that they has to be a scrapper out there that could use them.

So if you are interested here is the listing info



Also I have an Archiver's Exclusive Gift die on there too. I will be going through my dies and most likely getting rid of the ones that I don't use that often. But this is something that I really have to think about because it is hard to let go of dies.

I am so excited because I am planning to scrap this weekend. I have not scrapped in a month ( I have made things but no pages for our albums) so I gotta get to work!

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