Wednesday, March 18, 2009

26 weeks and counting!!!

I am so excited! I know that making it to26 weeks (pregnant) might not be an accomplishment but to me it is. Almost 7 yrs ago I delivered my 2nd son at 25 weeks and 2 days gestation and I am so thankful that this isn't the case for the fourth.

I am so hoping that my next milestone which is 31 weeks (last pregnancy) is going to be moved past just as uneventful. I am truly believe that this one will go the distance. I really do pray that it will!!! NICU or ICC isn't really an option for our family this time around. (Not that it was then either.)

I have been so blessed because despite all the pain and side effects from the shots; I still feel pretty good for the most part.

Onto scrapbooking! I am so excited to be making a decision to either get the slice or save for a Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter. I want the Silhouette but am not sure that I am really ready to invest in getting one just yet. I then have to get another computer or the Silhouette that takes the SD card because our computer is so far away from my actual space (on another level of our house) that it wouldn't make sense to get one. Or at least not now. But whatever I decide I have to say that I just really am ready to move on to electronic. Not to replace the Big Shot, which right now there isn't a machine that can do it all out there but instead to enhance my current page time. Sometimes it takes me longer to pick a font then to actually put the page together.

So what would your dream machine do? That is a thread that I am off to add over at 2peas!

And to answer the blogger question of the of the things that I have a hard time not adding to my stash even though I have a ton of them are stamps. I mean no matter how much of a spending freeze I am on...I somehow find a way to justify the spending of $5-$10 ever so often to get those darn Michael's Dollar section stamps. I think that considering just how much I use them justifies the purchase but I will admit that I am a sucker for them and pretty much any cheap stamp set. Do wait for most other set that I have to go on clearance (thank goodness for J's clearance stamps!) but I put them on my wishlist and wait until they are priced just right to get them! So stamps are my must have item, and patterned paper comes in as close second!

Have a great day!!


  1. Hi congratulations on your 26 week mark! I have the Silouette and while is kind of tricky to use, is wonderful I love it I love to download freebie files too cut is so easy!

  2. Hey, congrats on the new baby. Take a look at the cricut with SCAL. Way better priced and a little less of a learning curve. You can get the baby bug on ebay for under $100 and SCAL for $59.

  3. congrats on 26 weeks! I have a cricut expressions but haven't used it as much as I should. Call me lazy! Check out on youtube the video about the program "Sure Cuts alot" to use with the cricut. It's wonderful!

  4. Oh what wonderful news, congratulations, Tracy! We'll keep you and your family in our prayers.

    As far as die-cutters go, I'm still w/Sizzix Big Shot. I love that it is easily portable, no electricity and it's simple.

  5. Thanks ladies for posting the congrats and suggestion! I love the ideas...never knew exactly what the SCAL did for the cricut but it was interesting to see it on youtube! Now I feel a little differently about the cricut not sure if I want one but won't eliminate it altogether.

    But the slice seems to still have some problems so I am a little worried about jumping into getting one of for now my old trusty Big Shot will do!