Thursday, February 4, 2010

Even Angels...

Wow I was on youtube looking for the daily scrapbooking uploads and I have to say that I was a little distracted by the fact that I had wanted to watch Oprah yesterday and I wasn't able to (had to pick up my son) but then I said why don't I see if they have it on there. The show was Oprah interviewing Fantasia. Now I have never been into American Idol, well I never voted or watched the show consistently. But I did watch reruns of it when I had nothing else to watch. And occasionally I would watch the try-outs...oh those were so funny! But I remember seeing her (Fantasia) cry/win and I was happy for her. Especially considering her background. And I don't usually follow celebs or famous people so I had no idea that there was anything going on negative about her and if I had the money to spend I had plans to go to my first Broadway show to see her perform my favorite movie, The Color Purple. But it wasn't something that I could do.

But I watched the whole show (all the pieces that I could find) and was amazed to hear her story. It was a little weird because we had a somewhat similar story, I mean I didn't get pregnant as a teen but I understand what she means about taking care of her siblings. And although you love them and would do anything for them, sometimes you just gotta let them take care of themselves. But that's another story, the point I'm making is that I'm surely going to get her latest single...Even Angels. I was moved to tears. Honestly. I have heard some of her other songs and thought they were ok (my best friend used to love listening to her), but this song is amazing! You go Fantasia! So because I live under a rock lol lol I have to figure out when the song is going to be out or if it is already and get it. I haven't bought a cd in years, usually I buy music on the internet, but I am so going to actually buy the cd.

I just had to come share that. Oh also I have a Dr's appt tomorrow and I am really worried! I haven't had any health issues (well since being pregnant) but I am really concerned about some tests that were done. And so I am hoping all will be ok, and if you are a praying person please pray for my strength both physically and mentally. Good evening you all!

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