Saturday, February 27, 2010

I just realized that I never finished the post that I saved to my blog last week. I have been posting on my blog and saving them until I had photos to add to the post. I guess I could have posted without the pictures but that just seems so weird to be posting about something that I have made or done and not to include any pictures of anything that I have done. Maybe next time I will post and then just add pictures later.

Well I have been busy organizing my space the last couple of weeks only to make a complete mess in there for the current project that I am working on. But now my stickers are organized and all together in one spot. Hopefully this will make using them easier. I noticed that I have tons of letter/word stickers. Especially 7 Gypsies ones and that I have only used a few on the revolving ATC's that I worked. I am so excited to be able to have them out and so now when I reach for a sticker folder it has all family, school, baby, holiday, birthdays/celebrations, calendar/documentation themed stickers in one place along with all my letter stickers sorted by color. I used the cropper hopper sticker folders to sort them, which isn't a lot different from the other filing system that I had (PSB and desktop file folder) but now because of the open storage bin thingie all of those folders are in one place. I love it because now instead of reaching for that huge and heavvvyyy PSB/Cropper Hopper 3 ring binder, now I pull out one folder. And then put it right back. I love it!

But like I said, my space is a complete mess because I am working on a memory album for a returning customer. It is such a compliment to be asked to do a memory album for a loved one that has passed away. And so I have been working hard gathering supplies and pulling out some of the best things that I hadn't used because I was waiting on the perfect reason to use it. And now I have one...I don't plan on showing all the pages of the album because it is something that is special and should be cherished by the family (but I will show bits and pieces here and there of pages without the photos. So here is the cover that I have started. I think that I am going to add something else to it, I am not sure what but then I am going to be moving on to the pages. I have some really great sketches that I haven't tried and so I can wait to use those either.

I have tried to take 2 different pics of the album cover but no matter what I am not getting the best results with picture taking today.

Well I am off to run some erronds with includes returning kiwi acrylic paint back to Walmart for the 4th time...I think this color is bad across the board. I will have to get a substitute because I need that kiwi color green for this mini album. Also the ribbon holder ring is really red. It just wouldn't photo great at all and the letter stickers used match the border and the ribbon ring 100% but it just doesn't look that way in the photo.

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