Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My blog has been neglected too long!

I just don't know what to say about my blog neglect? I have been busy but I think I haven't posted mostly because of the pain of typing. Although my finger is healed?? It still hurts even now that the splint/cast thing is off. But I am going to try to make myself type so that I can get over the pain.

There has been so much going on and there are so many things that I want to share. And since I haven't chatted in a while there is just too much to share but I will try to get most of it down.

We are learning sign language as a family so that we can talk to my step MIL. I can't wait until she can communicate with the kids and hubby and myself in person instead of by text message and also the fact that we took the time to learn to speak to her in her language makes me excited too. We still haven't told her that we are learning it...but we found some awesome resources at the public library. One of the things I found was Signing Time videos. And let me tell you, we have completely eliminated kid regular cartoons because the kids love watching these videos. I have had to recheck out several so that they can continue to practice but it still lots of fun. Even my 3yr old is signing and singing the songs also. It's just a fun way to teach them something.

Well my daughter turned 3 this last week and we celebrated her birthday with her. It was so nice to do something simple at home together. Mostly because it was cold and also because things are going to be a little tight these next couple of months. Plus she was just so happy to get her present. I also realized that we have gotta branch out and get involved in more play groups instead of the 2 neighbors that we play with every once and a while. Because we don't have any kids her age in the family that live close to us...and until we move to AZ we won't have any girls around us besides the play group/neighbors. So we are going to branch out. But here's a pic of her on her special day.

I haven't edited/fixed any of the photos I'm uploading today. Mostly because I have so many things that I want to share.

Also we have been having tons of fun homeschooling this last month. The one thing that is hard about homeschooling is motivating a child to do something. And we don't believe in rewards for doing something that you are supposed to do but how can you not make learning fun and rewarding for a little one? I mean sitting in front of books all day and reading or doing math does get boring after a while. So we (hubby and I ) have been trying to find more creative things for our 2nd grader. And Vele thought of the Science Museum. And lets just say that was an amazing idea. We had never been to just the regular science museum (just the Children's Museum) but we had tons of fun with the kids. We practiced signing the names of dinosaurs and did several experiments there too. And for those that don't know you can get a discounted rate at the science museum if you are on WIC, or several other things. We qualified for a discount because of Vele's job, but there are lots of discounts available so there isn't really any reason you can't go. We ended up paying something like $48 for a year membership. And the membership can be used at all Science Museums...so of course that includes Arizona's. But that is all that I will share for today. I am planning on posting to my blog later this week as well.

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