Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am sitting down to take a mini break just to tell you all about my day. It has been a really busy one, well that isn't anything unusual. But I am just tired because Nya had been tossing and crying out all night last night. Which I knew would happen because she has a little tip of her tooth showing! Yes we are now teething, well she is and I am sleeping less. She has been a lot better than all the other kids (so far with teething) but she is mellow baby, she doesn't really cry even when her big sister takes something from her (which by the way has started to happen).

So enough about that...I called my Grandma today. Today was her first day home after being in the hospital for a week. And I am so ready to move to be with her, but she is so against it. I understand why but at the same time I know that she would love for us to be with her.

Let's see what else can I share...I really don't have anything except that I have been running all over the place taking care of business and also getting school planning done for LaTrele. He is going to write a book report and make a presentation of his topic. He selected monkeys/gorillas as his mammal to work on. It was so nice to see him in the library actually looking up his own books and using the web/search and catalog to find them. I am so glad that I showed him how to do it...so now I can find books for everyone else and work on family learning. I had fun teaching LeiLani how to use a mouse today. She has used the computer tons but never really got the clicking down so it was nice to see her using it. She was so excited about that.

Oh and since I haven't shared what's for dinner in a while, I took photos of what I am working on right now...Beef and Veggie Teriyaki. I had the meat marinating since lunch. But the noodles came into plan when I decided to stop by Aldi and grab a bag of carrots and maybe some other veggie to put in it...and that is when I found a whole selection of Asia specialities. So now we are having noodles and baby corn too!

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