Monday, March 8, 2010

I had to check-in to show my work so far on the mini albums that I am working on. I really didn't realize until tonight how long it takes to upload a pic to yahoo and email it. It has never taken that long before to upload anything but hopefully it won't take that long in the future.

I have paint everywhere. It is on my chair (at my desk), on my hands, under my nails...seriously it is everywhere. I am so glad that I make sure to work in my apron and house clothes so that I don't mess up some really nice clothes.

Well here is what the cover looks like with the photo in it. And the second pic is the cover page. And I actually used the felt airplane that I made on the page....

Also there have been many people asking about the TH distress ink pad sets. I am considering purchasing some the following week after this class is done, and I have sent out other orders but that won' t be until next week sometime. And I will post on 2 peas and here when I am going to get the sets. Leave a comment if you are interested in being contacted when I order sets or you can peamail me.

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