Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My organization is always changing, especially since I continue to get more stuff! I had been using things that I had around the house, or things that I could purchase for really cheap to organize because they could work and plus it meant that I didn't have to spend too much money, well that can't really work for my space anymore. I had too many little Target dollar spot things and sI want to eliminate some of the bulk in my storage (not my products! lol).

There isn't much about my space that is "wrong" for me but there are some problem areas!
So here is my current storage for buttons pic one is the front side of the cropper hopper embellishment storage container. And picture two is the back of the container, it has a little pocket like section on the back.
I originally got this storage container to store my ever growing American crafts ribbons. This idea was great when my ribbon supply was less than 100 rolls lol but now that I have well over that (remember I have been scrapbooking since 1996) I decided to use this for something else. Buttons seemed to be a great idea until I was asked to use buttons to make cards, and show ways to use buttons on pages and was given tons of buttons to do this with. And so now I have a button collection. And since I am working with a corner in my basement family room, I need to try to make it work better for me. So this is the new container I am going to try. I recently moved my flowers to this system and love it, so now I am going to do the same for my buttons.

And I did this for my brads/eyelets and grommets just a few weeks are pics of them. Eventually I am hoping to eliminate having 3 drawer plastic containers. Or at least that is what I am hoping. But I love that these are all now together in one space (well 4 containers) and now no more digging through a drawer looking for the right tic tac container! No brads opened at the bottom of that drawer either. Yeah!

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