Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanks Z!!!

I was so super duper excited (and yes I occasionally say super duper, usually not in public lol) when I logged on today and say that there was a message on MTC forum thread I had saying that I was looking for a digital label cutting file.

This label has been on my mind forever and it is the only reason that I have purchased some of the October Afternoon label stickers that I did. The only thing is I didn't have digital cutter until now and I had planned on ordering the spellbinders labels 14 and was excited about it. But then after getting the Cricut for Christmas, I thought wow it would be awesome to have the file to cut from on the Expression then I could resize and use it over and over again and do tons of things with it.

Well last night I just asked if anyone knew if there was a file that looked like that out there...and one super duper awesome scrapbooker made me one. I think that was the coolest thing ever! I mean wow. Now I am new to electronic cutting and I still haven't figured out how to make my Cricut roll over and speak just yet, but I think it would take alot of work to make a digital file.
And even if it didn't, it was the nicest thing. It brightened my day because yesterday I had to return the Cricket 3xs and hopefully this one will work just fine once I figure out what I need to do next. But I just had to come on here and rave about the scrapbooker that is truly awesome because it just doesn't seem right not to! I mean she did after all make an awesome cutting label and then so that everyone could use it....here is the link http://scrappinwithz.blogspot.com/2010/12/label-for-you.html

if you want to download it and if you visit my blog and leave her a message cause it would just be nice to have a bunch of scrapbookers telling her that she is awesome! Thanks Z!!! Smiles

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