Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hi everyone. Just wanted to stop in and update my blog with a little of what's been going on. Let's see...I have been playing with my Cricut Gypsy and trying to learn so much about it. And I have started to work on a list of a bunch of things that I want to learn. My hubby got my Gypsy for my birthday and when he brought it home it was already open and it didn't have any instructions in it. And at first that kinda freaked me out but after checking the site and also youtube I realized that this is the way that they come from Michaels.

So that means that there are no instructions on it in there and you basically have to do the research to know what you can and can't do. And since I have only had it since the week of my birthday (which was on the 9th) I haven't learned all there is to know but I am learning a lot.

I have to say that there are a lot of videos on youtube if you are wanting information on this machine or even your cricut. I have watched tons of videos and although I know that I am not an expert at all I feel comfortable enough to use it with my expression everything I have done a project so far.

I have also found some amazing videos on youtube that have helped me and I wanted to share a few of those on here in case someone is really new (like myself) and is looking for specific information on what they can and can't do. I haven't found all the videos that there are and I haven't watched all of them but the ones that I have watched have truly been inspiring.

For welding and creating your own frames just using shapes and fonts this video was awesome this one is really all about frames but you can really get a lot of different ideas once you see this. She didn't go through each individual frame but she explained a lot of the details that you will be able to use if you a little about your gypsy.

And then there was another one that talked about these ideas!
I can't wait to do my Valentines day cards...I am planning on doing hearts across the bottom of a card, maybe combining the welding technique from the first video to create a nice heart border on a card.

There are a lot of videos other there and there are some that aren't free either and although as a previous small business owner I try to support other businesses I have to say that times are calling for me to be a little frugal. I mean I am trying to purchase a relocate to another home that we are building so I can't even think of purchasing a lot of the things that I want to. My wishlist has grown really long since getting this machine for Christmas and I am not complaining at all.

But one of the things that I said that I wouldn't spend money on is instructions, at least not as long as I can take the time and do the research and watch videos that are free. So if you are putting your self on a budget or are saving or whatever the reason may be, you can always check out youtube and search the web.

We (my oldest son and myself) used the cricut this past week to finish his science fair display board. It was sooooo much easier than pulling out the Big Shot (sorry hun, I still love you!)
I was able to put each title on one sheet of 12x12 cardstock and print to my hearts desire. And because it was his project I had him create and cut several of the titles himself too.

Oh while typing this up...I remembered another video that was awesome too...this one she created a background with several border shapes from a cart and then welded them. This is also the video that taught me how and where the rotate button was on the gypsy... this one is really easy to follow. I didn't have the cart that she used but instead I used my stand and salute cart that I got and did the exact same thing...and when it cut I had an entire 12x12 sheet of cut out negative space stars! I love it!!! (no more diecut paper lace pages to buy, I can create them myself in any color cardstock or patterned paper!)

I am hoping to add helpful tips like this on my blog because I believe that it is just what someone else might need to know. And if you need to get a video that you can purchase and watch you can get one from From what I have read and have heard from the experts (and peas who I consider experts) is that there are some really great tutorials on offered there.

I haven't been doing a lot of crafty things this week except purchasing carts, watching videos, and using my machines to help my son with his school work. I am almost done with my inspiration binder. I am creating a new one because the one that I had in MN is gone.

Well I am off to try to get some alone time this am with hubby. I think that he should be coming home soon...I hate that he works on Saturdays. But it is usually only for a couple of hours in the early early I am going to make him some breakfast (and everyone else) and hopefully he will be coming in when it is done!

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