Friday, January 7, 2011

Just stopping in really quick to update on whats going on. I am in the middle of a project (the framed wall calendar), the only thing is that I can get the frame to look how I want to exactly. It the same as before with the Christmas wall hanging, and I should have know to lightly sand the frame and then prime it, but I just wanted to get it started asap. And now I am going backwards a little. The calendar is pretty much done, I am still editing the photos that I am adding down the side of the border but it is coming together....and since I can't have blog post without a photo of are my girls painting tinkerbell boards. I swear I love the $ store for things like this for them because I can get so many different little girlie things that they would like for a little money.
I also wanted to share that I got an early birthday present last night from hubby. He drove over an hour after working 18hrs to get my Gypsy. I didn't expect to get one but I was telling him about what it does and the other night when I started planning out and cutting my current project he asked me why do you keep switching out those things (the keypads and carts) and I explained to him, and he went on to tell me how that didn't make sense or save time. I thought and that is exactly why I wanted a silhoutte but I told him that I liked the machine and I am starting to like it much more now that I got the Gypsy. And I think that I will like it even when I get MTC. But this is perfect until then.

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