Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas recap...

Well I haven't been posting on the blog in awhile and there is much to report and share. I am honestly jam packing alot of projects and things into my weekend before the start of the 2013 first because I would really love to get some crafty things done and start off the new year with a somewhat smaller to be done list, and secondly I have a job that starts in 3 days.  And honestly I am so excited and can't really focus so crafting really does help me to get it together.

Well the first thing to share is that I changed the wall mantel before Christmas and here is a photo of that. I love the new style.

And then there is the Christmas ornaments that the I had to do over for the girls. Their baby ones where destroyed by them last year or maybe it was the year before? I honestly am not sure at all. But I have redone those. I just realized that I honestly forgot to take a photo of daughter #1's ornament. But here is what I created

Everything was made using old stash. I honestly haven't purchased anything new or scrapbook related since June or July of this year and that was a few things for projects for my job and then some things to help son#2 get a project completed for school. So nothing else at this time, but I am sure that that will change real soon.

But here is the supplies. I just wanted to say that there are some that I honestly don't remember who made them so I have just put a ?? for that information.
Clear acylic sheet (??) I believe it may be Creative Impressions?
Diecuts- MFT snowflake (cut using Quickutz metal adhesive sheets/paper), Quickutz label die
Embellishments- Metal glitter brad, Happy Holidays metal label are both Making Memories old products, Glitter Christmas vine-Micheal's, Twine and ribbons??
Patterned Patters:??
White Acyrlic paint- Anita's

 I have decided that I am honestly going to try to take more pictures no matter what in 2013 and since the app that I had for blogger hasn't worked since the first time that I used it, I have got to find another way to blog and post things on here. I am working on it though. I think it will be much easier to post and blog since I will be away from the house and kids. And although I am not scrapbooking all that much I am still 100% invested in some sort of crafty thing. Most of them lately have been decorating but still busy using the supplies that I have and love.

Oh and of course I have to add another picture of the cuties in my life from Christmas morning...

My oldest said for me to say that he didn't get all the gifts that were in front of  him. LOL I didn't realize it until now but the "community" gifts (which are the gifts that we buy for all the kids to play with because no one specifically asked for it, but we thought it would be nice to get) are in front of him and his gifts. But I hope that eveyone had and is still having a safe, and fun holiday season. Smiles, Tracy

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