Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jewelry Mess No More

I have been really wondering what to do about my jewelry for over a year and I tried several different storage options for it but honestly none of them really allowed me to see the collection when I was searching for something to wear with an outfit. And so many times I would just grab the first thing that I came across because alot of it was all tangled up together from the girls playing with it while I was at work.

So I decided that since I am planning on having our bedroom finished for my birthday month that it wouldn't be a bad idea to work on projects that have been bothering me. So I went shopping in our house and found 2 pieces of scrap wood and a half used package of hooks. I knew that this option was going to be more permanent and also it would have to be something that I could expand on.

This is what I came up with. It is the middle section of our closet. When you look to the left of this section it is my side of the closet and when you look to the right it is my hubby's side. The closet isn't small at all. In fact, this is why I am able to use this whole section for my jewelry. And if I hang my weekly clothes out for work (which I usually do), I won't knock down any of my jewelry.


It is perfect for me right now but I am hoping to honestly purchase 2 long boards that span the entire wall and that use the scraps that I have here cut to fit each side of the top row of boards. I will also purchase more hooks but these will easily be able to be unscrewed and added to the new boards.

It took me 40 mins to actually get the jewelry I had organized and I decided to actually hang my pieces in color order of my most favorite outfits and work clothes. The good news is that in a couple of weeks there won't be a big difference in either one of those wardrobes. Meaning that my new job actually lets us wear whatever we want. There are some rules but basically if I wanted to wear jeans everyday of the week I actually could. I love love love that! Although now that I think of it I actually have only 3 pairs of jeans and I don't really wear them even on casual Fridays. LOL but if I do decide to wear I can whenever I want to. Speaking of jeans I was watching the news and they named some celebrity that doesn't wash his jeans but like 2xs a year or something. I seriously was disgusted by that. I wash my jeans after each wear. I know that some will say that nuts but that's how I roll.

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