Friday, August 14, 2009

A really quick update...(oops this was supposed to post on Friday instead of today)

Well I have been working on the school mini album class and it is really coming together. I never work on the cover of an album first so there isn't anything that I can show you just yet (or maybe I can give some other details. But it is a lot of fun so far and it looks really cute. But I will stop teasing you for now ;0).

So here is one little detail that I can share with you... this is a mini tag that will be just before the front cover (I think?? I might do some acrylic there also??) but the front cover will be the bracket shape (the pages will be a few different shapes). But the circle chipboard tag show is embossed and inked which both will be done in the class. And I can't wait until some of the supplies that I need come in so that I can get it all together.

Now some family updating....

I had been in the process of searching for a new school for the boys the last couple of months (well once I got off bedrest) and I hadn't planned on making a choice to leave their current school until all the budget stuff came up and also the No child left behind info. I know that the numbers are based on a low # of students but it just bothers me that their school has been on that list and now is on stage 3. I am a strong supporter of public education but I feel like things aren't getting better. I don't want to get into too much because my boys are doing well but I do wonder if the school is failing and their personal scores are higher than the school are they getting enough? Especially when my oldest is in some grade levels higher than his current grade and still comes home with no homework because he finished it in class. Both his test scores and grades have told me for a while that he needs to be doing something more than what he is. And while visiting my 2nd son's class and meeting with the teacher we began to hear some of the same things then too...he is advanced, he can read at a third grade level (he was in first grade) and so on and so on.

My hubby and I have decided that homeschooling might be the way to go. I am now looking into it and trying to make sure that I do all the legal things to make sure that I can home school them as well as get the best programs for each of them. Plus now that means lots of things will change, and I am trying to be brave lol lol as well as confident that I can continue to give them what they need. It's scary but exciting, maybe it's more intimidating than anything because I started to second guess that I could do this and still have my sanity. After all them heading off to school was a great thing. But now they will be with me A-L-L day long A-L-L year long. I hope we will survive it!

We have worked with homeschooling materials for years that I got from a neighbor but I am going to have to get the best materials available. So my search for that has begun. And although I say that I will home school them, I still haven't written my letter of intent to the Principal. I called her to today and she began to tell me how she will miss us and how she knows that the boys are going to do great.

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