Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini sneaks of the album...

I am so excited to be sharing this with everyone...I worked hard on it so all comments would be appreciated. So here it is....
It is a total of 6 chipboard pages & one acrylic page. It also has stamping, embossing, and hand-made embellishments (see the apple on the above photo).
I will upload a couple of more pages for the next few weeks. Also I have started to work on other projects that I am really excited about too. But I am loving this little album. It will be leaving my possession and making it's way to it's new home tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, I am also selling sets of the mini chipboard albums on ebay currently. I have them listed at $16 for a set of four. Which would be $4 an album and which also is really not a lot.
Plus I will be uploading a picture of the entire kit. It is huge. There are several patterned papers, and cardstock colors. I didn't even use half of the items that I have in the kit on the album but they match the cover paper so well that I couldn't limit them.
Also I am have been busy debating on what to take to the store to sell in the garage sell. I am thinking tons of my cards, maybe a few mini albums that I did and never listed.