Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Card Class Details

Hi family, friends and followers!! It is hard not posting on here but there have been lots of things going on. I don't want to bore you with all the details but I am feeling better again and I am back to work. Well I am getting back slowly. I didn't have any orders to fill last week which gave me a little time to relax and plan the card class and get an idea of what I was going to do.

The first two classes will be on November 5 and 19th and they will start at 6pm. These dates might change depending on interest. I am excited because first of all I am doing one of my favorite themes...Fall/Thanksgiving and also my favorite holiday...Christmas. Yeap you read right,the class has both (actually 4 ) themes.

So you might ask why is this card class different from other card classes and why would you sign up for this's simple, because this class is about learning to use sketches to make any type of card. We all look at card magazines and think the cards are amazing but most of the time we can't figure out how to use that example for another theme. And that is what this class is about. Teaching you how to see a sketch when you look at a card instead of the specific theme the card was made for. I love being able to share this with others and especially at this time of year when so many people are trying to come up with ideas to use for their holiday cards.

So you will get 5 sketches from me that I have created on the computer, and we will make 2 themed cards for that specific season or holiday that is coming up. I also have included a few suggestions of quotes and saying that I have collected for years.

So here is one example of the sketch and the two cards that were created from the sketch.

The above sketch was used to make these two cards. I really hate that no matter how much editing I do sometimes the details just don't show through in pictures...but I am going to add them to my flickr account (which does show alot more details) and my twopeasinabucket gallery. But there maynot be anymore sneak peeks of the cards but I will show anyother work that I do in the meantime.

And just because I forgot to upload one of the final cards that I created for my last order here is that one too...I love making baby cards!

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