Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today is much better than yesterday the weather is a lot better, the trees are starting to change color but I am ok with it because it truly looks so pretty. Autumn is beautiful but it just ends so quickly here. I was watching the news and heard that it is supposed to be a light sprinkling of snow this weekend...LOL this weekend, seriously? Oh well snow sees to come sooner and sooner each year.

Well I have a few cards to share with you all...I completed the outside of the baby shower invites that I was working on well almost completed them. The greeting still isn't stamped but it will be so picture them with You are invited on the front...

And here is another baby girl card that I made also.

I have been asked to make some Thanksgiving cards and also a few other cards including an engagement card (secret invitation to family and friends) and also some more wedding invites. I plan on uploading most of these to my blog when I have started to work on them...

Also I am still working out the details on the card class. I have to see what products to order and get it all together. Once that it completely done then I will be sharing all the details.

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