Monday, February 28, 2011

Just wanted to stop in and share one of my design team submissions for this months challenge on I forgot to upload this one also so I wanted to quickly come and show you all what I made for my Grandma Jessie.

Most people who have been followers know that my Grandma raised me and she often is the only Grandparent that my kiddos have contact with consistently. She calls them, sings to them on the phone, reads/tells stories to them both fairy tales and bible stories. She is often on the phone with them for hours at a time and since we moved to AZ which on the other side of the world from her (which she reminds me often) we try to send her special surprises.

So this Valentines day instead of a card and some candy, we all decided to write her a letter, and for those who couldn't write letters, we recorded what they had to say on cassette tape. The girls loved just being able to talk into the machine and hearing their voices. I decided to do a cassette tape because Grandma doesn't have a DVD player that plays recorded DVDs but I knew that she has a cassette recorder because she listens to sermons from church when she is unable to attend.

So here is just some of the care package that we made. The mini album has a coin envelope that I cut with my cricut using MTC in the size that is a little larger than a normal coin envelope but it fits perfectly into the book which fits inside of the mailbox.Each envelope has a photo of the kids and on the back, their current favorites. Grandma often asks me about what they like right now so that she can grab them stickers or talk to them about it so this was nice to include so that she could have a permanent place for that information.

So here is the actual gift

I had other photos but just realized that I don't have any way to upload them because they are on our old computer. We just got a new computer and put the other old one in storage with everything else that we recently packed for our move.
Family update...Nya is out of the hospital and back home. She is doing somewhat better, she still isn't eating but at least she able to drink and keep something down. Please call if you have any questions but I think Vele put this on facebook yesterday. I am not 100% sure cause I am now starting to have symptoms too.

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