Thursday, February 3, 2011


I just had to post again today! I can't believe sometimes how things work out! I recently contacted a company that I love working with (although our relationship is new). There were no issues on their part, just plain old everyday issues with me and understanding some things with the product that they offered. And honestly my expectation was whatever happens I still want to use and have this company's product. Because #1 the product is amazing and #2 there are so many awesome scrapbookers on their site that I just love the fact that they share so much. And so when the company's owner responded and helped me with the product, it made me so thankful and impressed. There are people who do things because they are awesome people! And that is what I encountered today! So you want to know the company right...well if you have MTC then you do. I am talking about Andy and Ann, I am not sure which one responded to my email? But I am so very thankful that he/she did. Good customer service and helpful people are truly the only things that I look for in any company and I have found them both (not to mention an awesome product). So I want to offically say that if you have an electronic cutter and you want more from it...MTC is the only way to go! And I am not paid to say that at all.

So now that I got some new information to work with, I can do so much more than just use cricut carts...oh I am so excited! I now have way too many ideas running through my head and not enough time to do them all, but I plan on working on some cards and something special for this week. So stay tuned... and once again Andy and Ann you rock! And thanks so much!

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