Saturday, November 22, 2014

Planning Ahead...

I love finding a great product that inspires me to be creativity. And while exploring instagram I found a photo of a new planner line coming in the scrapbooking world. And immediately I was intrigued. Seriously the line is almost perfect for my style of planner I wanted for this year. But there are things about it that don't fit my style of what I want too, so I sat down at my computer and came up with the monthly calendar that I wanted to use. It wasn't a great design not anything close to what I've designed before using Adobe but it was plain and right now plain is perfect so I can scrapbook it up. And since I'm looking more for a scrapbook that is a planner, the colors where printed in basic black too. I just love it.

I have always made my planners fit my style of planning and added photos and washi here and I've done something similar to this before but this is much more about the scrapbooking and writing it down then the supplies for me this time around.  And I can't wait for that line of scrapbooking planner to hit the shelves but I know that the monthly calendars and the weekly pages aren't going to work for me. I don't like being stuck with certain colors or products.  But even though I haven't seen it in person, I do know which products I want already. And yes I've added those to my wishlist already. LOL  I want January to be all about purple (it is after all my favorite color and also my birthday month) so I got to it....what do you think? It looks pink but there is a shade of purple and pink in there so I can rock purple on the weekly calendar pages for me and purple for the last week in the month for my daughter. Perfect comprise to the purple pink contrast without having it be girlie. I love it.

And yes those are paint sample cards...I'm using them to create the tabs for my months. I know clever huh. LOL I say that knowing that most know that it something that I've done many times before. And the photo sample card I usually use on the actual week of my birthday and put a photo of me on the other side or journaling card. Either way it's a cute element that is just my style. 

This page has changed so much already just from me sitting down to type this up I've decided that I'm going to stamp each day in the colors that match the doodlebug washi tape and I have pulled out some other washi tapes that match these colors to add to the daily the above pages were printed on plain computer paper but aren't these cute too....

This was printed on American Crafts Amy Tangerine papers that came in a stack from M's that was 8.5 x 11 and plain on the back side. Perfect match for both printing on as well running it through my printer.  These hearts are going to be for the month of August 2015. I have a ton of these colored embellishments and such that I can use with so many of our summer photos from 2014. That's why this is the perfect color for August. I'm serious about my planner life ladies and gentlemen.  So this is the beginning of a beautiful thing don't you think?

As for the scrapbook planner line, there are just a few items that I want  but the colors seem to be along the line of deep primary colors. And honestly I'm a bright in the spring and summer and bold or darker in the fall and winter kinda girl. As I type that I thought about explaining that to my boss and co-workers the other day. They seem to be thrown off when I rock all black or browns. It's the season for those colors. And I do love them just as much as bright pink and purples. And although they are awesome colors, I need to have flexibility I want bright fresh and airy feeling for my planner too. So although I'm designing the monthly calendar pages, weekly calendar pages, and maybe notes too; I do know that I want to get the daily pages. And I'm hoping that they will eventually expand on this product brand and lines. It would be nice to have different choices. But  I'm glad that I picked up the  Chevron binder this week from M's using the 50% off coupon and a gift card that I hadn't used. I don't know if M's gift cards expire but I figured I should use it before this year's Christmas came around.  I have had so much fun raiding my stash. I showed a photo of my scrapbook desk (not the entire space) to a co-worker and she said it was a nice little space. I wanted to laugh. Photos never show the actual size of something. My desk is the space of more than half of a 8ft by 13 ft room. And my cabinets are 36 inches and 24 inch kitchen cabinets from IKEA. When most people see it in real life they say your desk is bigger than your kitchen island. Which by the way it is. LOL...
See you soon. Smiles, Tracy

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