Saturday, November 1, 2014

My poor little blog

So I came to my blog this last week to show off my previous works of art and share my love for all things crafting/decorating and more and I saw lots of my photos with an explanation mark on them. My heart sunk. Where did all my images go? Did someone mark them as inappropriate? What's wrong with it?? Well from all the research I read it could possibly be an update that I pushed through on my old cellphone or it could be that I deleted the images on a Picasa account. Well first off I knew nothing about having a Picasa account but maybe I had one. And somewhere in my memories I remember deleting images I had on an album because I didn't need them in said album. Is that my fault that I deleted them on one album and it directly affected my blog? I say yes and no. Had I been made aware that said album was directly connected to my blog I wouldn't have touched it. But I had not. I feel frustrated because over several years of blogging about my family, my life, my work and just stuff I drafted added photos but never shared (I wished blogger as a diary while being on bed rest for 2 or my last 3 pregnancies) is gone. Will I be able to recover a lot of the photos. Well yes and no. Yes if I have a way to and no because a lot of them are on my laptop that was destroyed and my hubby wiped and used it as an external hard drive without sharing the photos etc. No because hundreds I mean hundreds of cards and classes and projects that I taught, sold are gone because 2peasinabucket has closed their gallery. So in the mist of all that sad and whoa is me pity party I'm having I thought wow it gives me a chance to start over. To not be stuck on this used to be an amazing blog. Now this could be an amazing blog with a fresh start. I can start uploading old works of art that I have and share the memories of them again but with fresh spins on them. I can start sharing once a week again. So to my followers and fans and people who once loved seeing my work. Sorry it is gone but I am will have more to come. See you in a couple days..

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