Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catching up on some photo uploads

I wanted to share these items with you all for the last couple of days but just never got around to resizing and uploading until this morning. But first I have to say this. I don't like this Japanese art paper. It is nothing wrong with it other than it so isn't my taste but I was asked to make a display and so that is what I did. And honestly I like how it turned out although I was really worried about the end result. I am a simple scrapbooker (most of the but I used tons of products all from the same line and a lot of the embellishments from that line as well. Which seemed too much while I was creating it but in the end seemed to balance it out. It doesn't make sense I know but it did somehow work.

So here is the wall display, I did change one thing after this picture instead of the ribbon used to hang the chipboard display, I changed it out for some 16 gauge wire. Which looked much better and then I tied the burgundy/red toole around the top left corner of the wire.

Oh the flower actually has the organza sack material that the ribbon came in behind it. It was the best way for me to really make the product work and a think a creative way to use the sack although I didn't have to. But it was truly the only embellishment that really matched the papers. The lettering is American Crafts thickers, the gold mesh is Magic Mesh and I used my Big Shot to cut the swirls and the nesting label Quickutz dies and the ruffle along the bottom of the frame is actually 3 of the bag tops cut off. And the frame itself is actually a Teresa Collins chipboard album cover and I used my Bigbite to cut the holes for the wire.

Now onto some family pictures...I love these pictures that I recently took of the girls playing together in the front yard.

Well this is the one that I am going to share and the others I plan on scrapbooking. I have learnt that since I have been truly blogging more that I tend to think that I have scrapbooked pages of events sometimes when I use certain pictures on my blog so the ones that I want to scrapbook you will see those when I actually upload the pictures of the pages. I used to have a better system of writing things down on lists, but that changed with bedrest last year. Somehow I lost the previous list and now I don't want to make a new one because that would mean that I need to do some serious looking through albums and pics from last year and that whole process takes a long time. Time that I could be using scrapbooking. Well I had two other photos to add but for some reason blogger won't let me upload those two?
This morning it is raining which is ok because it is supposed to rain and then pass on. I think that is what I heard on the news last night? But that matters because I have gotta spray paint my ATG. In case you don't know what that it is; it's an Adhesive Transfer Gun. Or that is what they called it when I bought it. It's not a hot glue gun (for the family that doesn't scrapbook) it is a glue tape gun that is used in picture framing mostly but it is an awesome product for scrapbookers because it is affordable and it works so great. I loved my Kokuyo products and mentioned them all the time but now that I can't get anything wholesale anymore, I had to go with something that was affordable, and also something that I could easily get online or IRL. And Anchor Paper Express sells the refills for it for like $2.76. It is great to be able to pick up what I need (acid free and regular) when I need some right away. But the dispenser is a really ugly red color. And so I want it to be purple. I know it seems like something silly, but when you use glue for every project it's nice to have what you want. And I want a purple dispenser. And since it is refillable I will have it forever (or until they discontinue the product!!!)
I will stop for now because my post is really long. And although I have a page to share, I will just add it to the flickr photo stream and my two peas gallery. So check those out if you wanna see my picnic for 6 layout. Have an awesome day!

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