Friday, May 3, 2013

2 Big Girls @ the Park

So there is a new challenge on that I want to do. So today the first challenge was posted and I just had to scrapbook the photos of my girls playing at the park. The layout was inspired by the challenge to use banners and also to use flat stickers.

At first the flat sticker idea was challenging because all the cute playground stickers and kiddie playing stickers that I could have used are no longer in my stash. So I decided to look through the stash for quotes or wording that is saying what I want to be expressed on the page. Yeah the pictures are of the girls on the playground but really they are about both of my girls actually growning. Ani not being a big sister so much but instead a friend/playmate and Nya not needing help so much but instead gaining her own independence. It was really a hard park day at first it was a lot of no let me do it, and even more Ani it's ok for her to try. But after all that it turned out to be perfect. And that is what sparked the title to the page. 2 Big Girls @ the Park.

It is also the one layout that I did that reflects on the fact that although I was ok with having 4 children, that I no longer have a baby. And it almost inspires another page that I am thinking of doing in the future. I love the end results of the layout. It is so my style. When I sat down to do the page it came together really easy. Really and that isn't always the case for me and scrapbooking. Or it hadn't been that way for awhile. But I think that it was easy because there was a place for everything and my desk wasn't really cluttered and so my thoughts weren't cluttered. It was just so nice to get it done but the way that I wanted and it wasn't something that I just through together. It was perfect. I think that my best work has been with challenges involved. Even when I was the one hosting the challenge or teaching the class, the work just comes together better when there are deadlines, and some guidelines. I think it's because of how I think. I really do. Well I am off to finish thinking about today's challenge I hope that everyone is doing great. I have also decided that I am going to wait until the morning and take photos in the natural light because I just really like those photos better. It might mean that I miss the deadline for the challenge but I'm ok with that because I am scrapbooking and that's all that matters to me.

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  1. Love your page. I totally agree that my pages come together much better when I have a deadline to work against. Great work.