Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More scrap space photos..

I was asked a question a couple of times on two peas so I decide that I should maybe post the answer on here as well. The question is what do I have in stored in my drawers and how do I store my items... Well the easy answer to the first question is easy lots of stuff. LOL no seriously my drawers are full of all things scrapbook/craft related. So I decided to show you the insides of some of the drawers. These drawers are all located on the left side of my desk chair/standing area. I put supplies that I really didn't have to worry about the girls being interested in on this side of my desk since it is the closes to their desk.  The first drawer is full of random office supplies that I use in scrapbooking and in my planner. I didn't take a photo of that because I really didn't think it was all that interesting. But the 2nd drawer is full of punches that I absolutely won't get rid of. I have had these forever and the ones that I didn't keep I just gave to the girls.

The 3rd drawer is my bakers twines, twine, jute and threads. I have them stored in an IKEA drawer organizer. And since they don't take up the whole 18inch drawer I added my push pin heart, and needles to the drawer too.

And finally the 4th  drawer is my ribbon storage. I had my ribbon stored like this before but I wanted a space that supported the whole 12 by 7 piece of chipboard so that it wouldn't warp and putting it in a drawer was the best decision. Plus I don't get stuck with the pin that hold the ribbon in place anymore because I can now grab them from the sides and I haven't been poked once since they have been stored in here.

I think that is enough of what is in my drawers for now. I have been scrapbooking the kids' albums and honestly I am excited to get my pages done of the photos that I printed. And once I have done that I will actually post a picture of the layouts that I completed for each one of my kid's albums. Well good night for now. Smiles, Tracy

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