Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Beautiul Foundation...Building our new home.

I love completed layouts. I am so excited because I have now completed 3 pages. I really feel like I have accomplished something when I look at my current scrapbook. I really can't believe how empty my 2009-2012 scrapbook album is. Well it's not empty, it does have the pictures, a sketch and journaling all inside sheet protectors but there aren't very many completed pages in there. Here is the last one that I have completed. I love that it really focuses on the pictures and I really do love my style.

So I am not current at all in my albums and really it doesn't matter because the journaling is already done and I just need to really have time to sit down and actually get something done. And I plan on working on getting more pages done this week. I have drawn out two new sketches that I really want to use soon so hopefully I will be able to finish up the remaining 2009 layouts that I need to get done. But knowing me I will most likely work on whatever I look at and it inspires me to do a layout. I do have to say that while looking through my album there were some pictures of the girls playing at the park that I completely forgot I had photographed but then I read the journaling that I had done that day and I really do feel like I should do those photos next. Well I gotta get myself in the bed. Good night and smiles, Tracy.☺

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