Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I just wanted to stop in and say Happy Mother's Day to all my mom readers! I am having a great day so far! It is somewhat sunny (compared to the snow from overnight which has melted away!...yes I said snow!) I also wanted to share the cards that my kids made for me. I'm a simple kinda mom, a card, a hug, some day is all wonderful! LOL! I tell them all the time to make something for me instead of buying something, one because it causes them to be creative.

So here are the cards that they made...LaVele's card is one the best that he's made for me so far. Maybe it's because he's a teen and has learned some of his Dad's skills (the sweet talk it takes to get on my good side) lol lol but what he wrote made me cry. His poem included thanks for pushing him, and telling him that he does a great job, and he even thanked God for letting no other person be his mom but really was awesome!
And he also helped his little sister make a card too! She of course is a little crafter and added more glitter and markers...just like mom would! Just so awesome! And LaTrele's card is just as special too! And all the kids signed each other's cards (something that I like too!)....

Also before I go, I wanted to share that I will be uploading another photo of a card that I made using the remaining papers/embellishments from the kit. It is really cute! And I used a sketch from I have never submitted a card to a challenge, I might use the sketch to make cards, but never put them into the competition but I decided that I will do it this time. Mostly because I was at my local scrapbooking/paper store and the sales clerk said that I should have been submitting to magazines and all that. Well my biggest fear is rejection. So I decided not to worry about rejection, just enter a challenge and that's it. So I did...and I will share the card I made later today (maybe)??

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