Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It has been a busy last few weeks!

Well first off...I now have copic markers! I know that there are a lot of other things that I could be sharing with you all (like why I haven't posted in over 10 days, my kids birthdays and photos of us celebrating) but I wanted to share this story first. I now own about 75 or so copic markers and it's all because of one awesome customer! She rocks! I have been making cards for several years for this customer to send to her Grandchildren and other members of her family. I would make two or so extra cards that I really like and give them to her. At one point I sat down and made some cards for your grand-daughters welcoming and she loved making the cards but never wanted to make anymore lol.

So to my surprise after completing my last order for her which was a birthday mini album, and her supply of yearly cards, she handed me an envelope. At first I didn't want to except it because she had already paid for her items but she insisted. And kinda lectured me about not allowing people to be blessed because I wouldn't except a blessing...she reminds me of my Grandma and I understood exactly what she was saying. So I took the envelope and she didn't want me to open it then, so I didn't. But I had to rush and get the kid from campus and get some groceries and so I stuck it down into my purse and headed to run errands.

So after doing most of errands I decided to open the envelope. And there was 4 gift cards and note. The note was so touching and I cried, I really did! And to sum it up she stated that she appreciated me being able to do her special cards and that they really brought so much joy to her and her family and friends. She also went on to say how she knew about our current financial situation and was sure that there wasn't any extra money for spending on my craft/hobby/work and so she got me a little gift card to use at Archiver's, and Blick and then also a card for gas and just a little something for groceries. I was shocked when I saw the 4 cards, but I also was shocked that she went to all these places to get these cards and also that she would spend her money on getting them. I called her to thank her again and started crying.

I had the cards for five days (well the gas card I used the first day! And the grocery card I used some but not all) but I was so shocked because I just assumed because there was nothing telling me what was on the cards that there was maybe $5 or $10 on each card and that would have been an amazing gift but there was a lot more than that on each card. I am still in shock about how much.

I decided that I couldn't call her again (although I really still want to!) and say thank you but instead do something super special for her...and so....darn I can't share that yet (to be continued).

Ok so I go to Archiver's and try to get some of the new things that I might want, but there wasn't anything that I really wanted. And so as I was heading out the door to go home, I glanced over at the register and saw the copic markers. And so I got a bunch of those. And then since Blick is next door to Archiver's I got a some from there also. I really am thankful. I really am!

We haven't applied for assistance of any kind at this point and I am thankful for this help and also that same week my hubby got called in for an interview. And although it's not in AZ (which we are still looking weekly for openings and applying) he was offered a job. He was gone for 4 days to orientation/training in Chicago. This was another reason why I wasn't able to post. I really had no time alone or away from the kidos. And the little time I use in the morning to post...was taken with doing the extra things that I needed to get done because I was a solo parent for those days.

But I did get some things done that I had planned for family and friends. I made a graduation card for my nephew David. I haven't sent it because I wanted to include a gift but that won't be available until Friday. So here is the card that I am planning on sending him.

I used my new copic markers, sorry I didn't record the colors. And then I used that Papertrey ink car stamp and die that I got on the day it was released (April 15th). I also used my CB star embossing folder (stars), Spellbinders scalloped circle, and Fiskars shape cutter circle. Oh I also used a very old Sizzix die original the mini tag and cut it out of QK metal backed adhesive. I didn't remove the adhesive and added the white rub ons (Doodlebug mini alphas) and used a stylus to give it the the feeling of stamped metal. I did all of that to tie it to the front of the card so that it would look like the tassle for a graduation hat. That's what I wanted to mimic. I used several bling jewels for the lights and stamped "you did it" with barn door and fired brick mixed. This card's colors match 100% although they didn't photograph that way. I even ran the red copic over the Creative Cafe ribbon to make it match even more. These colors were the closest I could get to maroon and gold. And they look really close! And the inside black strip of pp is only glued at the top and bottom so we can slide a gift card or some cash in there! Truly the only gift that you can give a graduate if you ask me!

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